Four Tips for a Successful Presentation

Whether it's directly in the application process, in your job, or during your next university presentation: You will always be faced with the task of presenting your ideas to an audience. And being convincing here will take you further. The more confident you are in a presentation, the more likely you are to master an assessment center and the better you will be able to inspire colleagues with your topics later on.

Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look here: How can you make even better presentations with simple changes? We'll tell you in our blog article!


1. Make your introduction captivating

Gain your audience's attention by making your opening more interesting than the typical "Welcome to my presentation about...". For example, by including a question, a quote, or a short video right at the beginning. Your audience will be much more attentive right away.

You should also pay attention to the end of your presentation, as this will leave a lasting impression as well. You could answer a question that you asked at the beginning of your presentation or show a proposed solution to a previous problem.


2. Convince with structured slides

The slides of your presentation should be clear, not too crowded and easy to read. Furthermore, it must be consistent with what you are talking about. You should keep the text short, as the slides are only there to support and not replace your presentation.


3. Don’t underestimate the effect of posture and gestures

During your presentation, you should stand straight and upright, but not too stiff, otherwise you will look tense. Never cross your arms in front of your chest or put your hands in your pockets, because this will make you look nervous and unprofessional. Use your gestures to emphasize your content. If your posture and gestures are right, you will give a relaxed and confident impression.


4. Pay attention to your facial expressions and keeping eye contact

Your audience should feel involved, and directly addressed. You can achieve this by maintaining eye contact with everyone as well as smiling at them.


Good luck with your next presentation!


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