FAQs for college students

Ask good questions and you’ll be better informed

The first steps in a practical career usually involve asking lots of questions. Here we have gathered answers to the most important questions relating to your employment with Fresenius. And if you want to know even more, our contact persons will be delighted to help you.

Questions on the branches of study

We offer students of economics, the natural sciences, engineering or information technology numerous opportunities for deployment in our departments or to write a thesis or dissertation.

Students of law can complete their legal internship and their elective posting at Fresenius. We offer students of pharmacy the opportunity of a clinical rotation or a pharmacy internship as part of their practical year.

Fresenius Helios offers medical students a broad range of employment and development opportunities with clinical rotations, practical years, model study programs and various training programs.

Questions on the requirements

It is possible and useful to join us by way of an internship. Especially when you strive to write you dissertation in cooperation with Fresenius. Due to the previous internship, you have the opportunity to become intimately familiar with our company and to be extremely well prepared as you begin your thesis or dissertation. In many cases the internship results in contacts to other departments, which may have a topic you can work at an write your dessertation about.

We only employ enrolled students as part of internships – with the exception of the time between two courses of study (gap year). During this time you can complete an internship, in order to gain more practical experience. Also the part-time student work is only possible for enrolled students until they get there certifications or their overall results.

If you have already completed your academic career, you can start at Fresenius through a trainee program or direct entry as a young professional. As you begin your professional life, we will support you with a wide range of programs to assist your personal and professional growth. You will find more information in the category ‘Young professionals’.

Questions on the commencement and duration of your work

Internships at Fresenius generally take between six weeks and six months. The more time you spend on an internship, the more closely and intensively you can be involved in the department and its projects.

Theses take a varying amount of time, depending on the relevant college.
On average, it takes twelve weeks to work on a bachelor’s thesis, and up to six months for a master’s or degree thesis. Generally we orient ourselves towards the study regulations. Other periods of time are of course possible, by agreement.

Only registered students can work with us as part-time students until they reveived their certifications or their overall results. There is no restriction to the duration of the employment relationship itself. Some of our part-time student workers work with us over a number of semesters.

Part-time students can work for no more than 20 hours per week. During the semester break it is possible to work full-time. The  – please refer to the relevant job advertisement for the desired number of weeks. The exact number of working hours will be set in coordination with the respective departement.

Questions on the application process

It is unfortunately not possible to give a general answer to this, because the job advertisements for students are published with greatly-varying advance notice times. As a general rule, we recommend that applications are submitted 3 – 4 months before the desired start date. However, as a general rule we do ask that you be guided by the relevant job advertisement, which will generally indicate the potential start date.

For an internship abroad please apply directly to the relevant location as central placement from Germany is unfortunately not possible. It is quite simple to find the right contact person: Go to Fresenius’s job search and choose the “Students” filter. Now you can choose a country of your choice on the world map, see "Open map view", click on the job advertisement and find the relevant contact information.

Interviews for students usually take around one hour. Depending on the situation, they can be conducted either in person or as a telephone or video interview. Usually the discussions are conducted directly with the department responsible. Sometimes a representative from the HR department is also present, but in any event, you will be notified in advance about all of the parties to the interview. The meeting is designed for us to get to know each other better. We will be keen to learn more about your skills and qualifications and what you are like as a person. You will of course also have the opportunity to ask questions and to get to know us as an employer.

Online applications save us, and you, a lot of time. You do not need more than 5 – 10 minutes for an online application to an advertised position. In addition, it is easy for you to upload your application documents online: in this way, we can immediately assign your application to the right position, which enables us to process your application as quickly as possible.

If an online application is not possible, we will also accept your application by email or post. Please send your email application directly to your personal contact person in the relevant department. You will also find the postal contact person among your personal contacts.

You will find all of the currently available job advertisements for students in our job search. If you would like to apply for one or several offers, please click on the “Apply online” button on the relevant advertisement. Once you have fully completed the application form and uploaded your application documents, you can send off your application. We will confirm receipt of your application by email and will then keep in touch regularly about how your application is progressing.

Should no position currently be advertised that meets your expectations, we recommend that you submit a ‘Job alert’ on our careers website. Just choose the relevant criteria you are looking for in the job search, give your email address and click on “Subscribe”. As soon as a position is published that meets your expectations, you will be notified by email immediately and can apply directly online.
You also have the option of applying to us on your own initiative, should we not be offering any suitable position at the moment.

You can upload a maximum of 7 MB per file.

Current jobs for students

In case of further questions:

If you have questions regarding our application process or our career opportunities please contact us at career@fresenius.com or connect with us on social media.