Experienced professionals

More opportunities. More careers. More purpose.

You spend a significant part of your life in the workplace. Isn't that why you aim high when choosing your job? And this makes Fresenius the right place for you. Our health-care company offers you a special kind of career - a career with a purpose. This means that every day, your work supports our goal of providing better medicine for more people. Around the world.

Attractive career opportunities to people of all stripes

Engineers, physicians, computer scientists, nursing professionals, pharmacists, economists and scientists, to name but a few - Fresenius offers attractive career opportunities to people of all stripes, in fields such as purchasing, sales, marketing, R&D and production. And at Fresenius, it is not unusual for people to successfully apply their talents in different professional fields: scientists forge careers as managers; nurses enjoy success in sales.

Our divisions take decisions and act independently to a large extent. Yet we have one thing in common: we all work for the well-being of our patients, either in direct contact with them or as professionals in the background. And we all want to learn from each other so that we can constantly improve our performance and advance medical progress. For these tasks we require a strong team and wide range of knowledge, talent and experience. A team where everyone contributes to our success.

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