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What do careers with a purpose mean to us?

Fresenius employs about 190,000 employees worldwide, all of whom are committed to providing cutting-edge medicine to more people. We are proud of our collective commitment and what we achieve. In international teams, we work to improve the lives of ill people.

No matter which area of the Group they work in, our employees convey the purpose of our collective aspiration and action on every continent: for themselves, for patients and for Fresenius. Our work saves lives and makes exceptional healthcare a reality.

Learn what career with a purpose means to us in the following videos.

Helping people

When you leave something behind that helps people, you know it's Fresenius. Learn more about Matthias' job at Fresenius Kabi.

Giving children a normal life

When it's not just a job but your calling, you know it's Fresenius. Learn more about Marcel's job at Fresenius Helios. 

Curious? Find your job with a purpose at Fresenius and join us!

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