Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have general questions about the application process at Fresenius? You will find the answers on this page!

General FAQ

Why does Fresenius only consider online applications?

We want to offer transparent and efficient application management to all our applicants. To ensure this, we only consider applications received via our online system. This offers several advantages both for you and for Fresenius:

  • Your application can be processed quickly and reliably.
  • Long postal routes are avoided, it saves you the paperwork and saves us the effort of having to enter all the information into our system. 
  • Since you do not need an application file or stamps, you save costs.
  • You will receive a prompt confirmation of receipt. Your application will be forwarded directly to the relevant HR and specialist department.
  • You can check the status of your application on an ongoing basis.

It will only take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete the application. Of course, you have the opportunity to attach documents to your application.

Can I make an unsolicited application for a job at Fresenius?

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to submit a unsolicited application via our website. Please understand that we will not be able to accept applications by email either.

In our job search you will find all currently advertised positions within the Fresenius Group. If you do not find a suitable position there, you can subscribe to a job alert. This way, you will automatically be informed about new jobs that match your search criteria. All you have to do is enter your e-mail address and submit. You will then immediately receive a confirmation e-mail (please check your spam folder if necessary). By clicking on the included link your registration will be completed.

I cannot find a direct contact person in the job description. In this case, to whom should I address my application?

If you cannot find a direct contact person in the job advertisement, you can send your application documents to “Dear Sir / Madam”.

How can I update my documents if I have already submitted my application?

If this is an unsolicited application, you can process your application directly online in your My Fresenius account and update the documents.

If it is an application for an advertised position, it will be blocked for further processing after submission. In this case, please contact your personal contact person at our business units directly.

I would like to apply for several positions or locations. How do I apply and do I then have to send several applications?

If you are interested in several positions or locations, simply apply for the respective vacancies. To do this, create a My Fresenius profile, which you can use to apply for several locations and job offers.

If you are interested in a training profession or a dual course of study, multiple applications are unfortunately not possible. You need to choose a training profession that best suits your interests and abilities. Our orientation tool Aivy (only available in German) will help you make your decision.

Where can I find information about data protection and other legal regulations?

You will find further information and your contact persons for these topics on the pages Data protection information and Legal information.

Can I withdraw my application if I have decided otherwise in the meantime?

Of course, you have the opportunity to withdraw your application at any time. To do this, log in with your username and password in the "My Fresenius" area. Click on "View all" under "Your application". An overview of your applications in the Fresenius Group will appear. Any application can be deleted with the "Withdraw" button. You will then receive a confirmation from our Human Resources department.

In which file format can attachments be uploaded?

You can upload your attachments in the following file formats:

pdf, doc, xls, ppt, pps, rtf, txt, odt, ods, odp, jpg, gif, png or bmp files (max. 20 MB per file). It is also necessary to upload each document as a separate file.

I forgot my password, how do I get a new one?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.

Can I be automatically informed about current job offers?

If you have not found a suitable job on our job board, you can set up one or more job alerts for free. That way, you will be automatically informed by email when a job is advertised that matches your search criteria. You can manage your job alerts in your personal My Fresenius area.

Is every advertised position still vacant, even if it has been advertised for a long time?

We regularly update our job board. Therefore, all the job advertisements you find on our job search are still to be filled.

How do I find Fresenius Group headquarters and other locations?

Directions to our corporate headquarters and our locations can be found here.

Are you ready? Then we look forward to receiving your application!

FAQ for students

Questions about the fields of interest

For which fields of study are positions offered?

We offer students of different disciplines – such as economics, natural sciences, engineering, computer science and many others – a wide range of opportunities to be employed in our business areas or to write a thesis.

Law students can complete their legal internship and elective placement at Fresenius. For pharmaceutical students, we offer the possibility of a specialist or pharmaceutical internship as part of the practical placement year.

Fresenius Helios offers medical students doing a clinical traineeship, practical year, model degree program and various educational programs a wide range of application and development opportunities.

Questions about the requirements

Should I complete an internship before completing a thesis or before working as a student trainee?

Getting started with an internship is possible and useful, especially if you would like to write a thesis in cooperation with Fresenius. Through the previous internship, you have the opportunity to get to know our company and the field in which you will be deployed in detail, including the procedures and processes, so you are optimally prepared to start your final thesis. Often, the internship also leads to contacts with other departments, which have a topic to be worked on and thus a collaboration for the thesis is established.

I have already completed my studies. Can I still do an internship or work as a student trainee at Fresenius?

We only employ registered students for internships – with the exception of those on a gap year between two courses of study. During this time, an internship can also be completed in order to gain further practical experience. Work experience is also only possible if you are enrolled at a university/higher education institution (full-time) or until you receive your certificate or are informed of the final result of your examinations.

If you have already completed your academic career, you can start your career in a trainee program or get started at Fresenius directly. We support you with a wide range of programs for your personal and professional development when you start your career. More information can be found in the category Students & Career starters.

Questions about the start/duration of the placement

How long does an internship usually last?

Internships at Fresenius usually last 3–6 months. The more time you spend on an internship, the deeper and more intensively you can be involved in the department and projects.

How long does work alongside a final thesis last?

The length of time you will work with us as part of your thesis work depends on various factors. We will gladly try to accommodate your needs. We generally recommend a longer period of time so that you can have some buffer time before and after your final thesis.

How long can I work as a student trainee at Fresenius?

As a student trainee, only registered students who are actively studying can work with us until they have been informed about the final grade of their studies. The duration of the employment relationship itself is not limited. Some of our student trainees work with us for several semesters.

How many hours per week can I work as a student trainee?

The exact number of hours per week is determined individually and flexibly in consultation with the specialist department.

Questions about the application process

When should I apply?

Unfortunately, we cannot give a specific answer to this, as the job advertisements for students are advertised with very different lead times. As a guideline, we recommend making an application three to four months before the desired start date. Generally, however, we ask you to refer to the respective job advertisement; the desired start date is usually indicated there.

To whom can I send my application for an internship at a foreign branch of Fresenius?

You are welcome to inquire directly at your desired location about the possibility of an internship abroad. On our international careers page, simply select the region and country you are interested in to find suitable jobs and contacts at Fresenius.

What is the interview process? And how can I prepare for it?

Interviews for students usually take about an hour and can take place either as an interview in person or as a telephone or video interview, depending on the general conditions. Normally, the discussions are conducted directly with the responsible specialist department; sometimes a representative from the HR department will be present, but in any case, you will be told about who will be there beforehand. The interview helps us get to know each other, and we would like to find out more about your personality, skills and qualifications. Of course, you also have the opportunity to ask your questions and get to know us as an employer.

Why does Fresenius prefer an online application?

The online application saves both us and you a lot of time. You will only need five to ten minutes to apply online for a vacancy. You can also upload your application documents online: That way, we can allocate your application to the correct position immediately, which allows us to process it as quickly as possible.

How do I apply online?

All current vacancies for students can be found in our job search. If you would like to apply for one or more of the vacancies, please click on the "Apply online" button on the respective advertisement. Once you have completed the application form and uploaded your application documents, you can submit the application. We will confirm your application by email and inform you about the progress of the application process regularly.

If you cannot find a job that meets your requirements at this time, we recommend that you set up a job alert on our career website. To do this, simply select the desired criteria in the job search, enter your email address and click on "Subscribe". As soon as a job that meets your wishes is published, you will be informed immediately by email and can apply online directly.

What documents and file formats do I need for the online application?

In order to get a first impression of you, we need the following application documents:

  • Cover letter introducing yourself and motivating why you would like to work for us. Please do not forget to mention your desired career field, start date and availability.
  • CV with data on your studies and, if applicable, previous internships/activities
  • Current performance overview of your studies and if applicable proof of your high school diploma
  • Possibly available internship references and certificates
  • Photo (optional)

The following formats are allowed: pdf, doc, xls, ppt, pps, rtf, txt, odt, ods, odp, jpg, gif, png or bmp files (max. 20 MB per file). Each document must be uploaded as a separate file.

Who can I contact if I have a technical question about the online application process?

If you have any specific questions about your application or technical problems, we would be happy to help you.

What is the maximum size of the files when uploading?

You can upload a maximum of 7 MB per file.

Are you ready? Then we look forward to receiving your application!

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