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Even though our business segments act independently, there is something that connects us all: We are working on the well-being of patients. We aim to learn from one another so as to become better and contribute to medical advances. Find out what makes our healthcare group special!

The global healthcare group that's right by your side

Although we are a global healthcare group, we are not known for being known. And that's why we get mixed up with others all the time. Yes, we're called Fresenius, but no, we don't test food. We have nothing in common with the institute of the same name, and neither with the University of Applied Sciences.

„Our work, our purpose, our drive? Continuously improving and providing cutting-edge medicine to more and more people around the world. We do not follow trends, we set standards: affordable good-quality medicine to improve the lives of ill people.”

And for this mammoth task, we need strong teams — our employees have the necessary potential. Everyone brings their own unique qualities, talent, knowledge and experience to the table, whether in direct contact with patients or behind the scenes in production, research or IT. We never settle for second-best, and always go that one step further to find an even better solution. If this is your aspiration as well, join us. We are looking for people who question the status quo, take the initiative and dare to do something new.

By choosing a career with us, you're choosing a path that gives you a purpose.

What's important to us

"Advancing patient care" is our guiding principle – we strive to improve continuously and to shape the future of healthcare as an industry-leading, therapy-focused healthcare company. This is the basis for our company guidelines.

Patient well-being

At Fresenius, the well-being of the patient always comes first. For more than 100 years now we have been working to save lives, promote health and improve the quality of life of our patients.

The health of our patients depends on the quality of our products, services and therapies. That’s why we are dedicated to providing the highest standards.

We act in a highly professional manner. At the same time, we remain down-to-earth. Commitment, honesty and close contact with people are what distinguishes us: in the way we treat our employees as well as our patients, business partners, and shareholders.

With our products and services we make a decisive contribution to a future-oriented healthcare. We thereby focus not only on the present, but also on a long-term basis. So we make corporate decisions by exercising business prudence and with the aim of sustainable growth.

Fresenius supplies essential pharmaceuticals and medical devices, offers vital healthcare services and also successfully and efficiently implements large-scale projects. In short: We are a reliable partner for healthcare systems worldwide.

Looking for a job with purpose? Find the right position now!

Did you know?

We do not test chocolate-nut spread or mineral water.

These products are related to the Fresenius Institute. The similarity in name has historical origins: In the 18th century, the Fresenius family split into a "pharmacy line" and a "chemical line." The current healthcare group Fresenius was created from the pharmacy line, and the Fresenius Institute in Taunusstein from the chemical line.

We work under the sign of the stag.

The Fresenius logo is a stylized stag antler. The association with this animal stems from the Hirsch Pharmacy in Frankfurt am Main, which has belonged to the Fresenius family since the 19th century. In 1939, the resulting pharmaceutical manufacturing company secured its first registered logo: a stag antler. To this day, the stag remains incorporated in the Fresenius logo.

Fresenius in figures



About 190,000 Fresenius employees are committed to improving the quality of life of patients.

~ 80


Fresenius has a presence in about 80 countries, enabling an increasing number of people around the world to have access to high-quality healthcare.

> €21 billion

in sales

With annual sales of more than €21 billion, Fresenius is one of the world's largest healthcare companies.

From one pharmacy to a global healthcare group

The origins of Fresenius: The Hirsch Pharmacy in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Over the last 100 years our company has developed from a small pharmacy to an international group. Today nearly 190,000 people work at Fresenius in about 80 countries, all for the benefit of patients.

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