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Digital Careers at Fresenius

Industrial Internet of Things, Data Science, Cybersecurity – we're very close to the issues that drive our world forward. Because only those who are technically at the cutting edge can ensure medical care for more and more people worldwide. Discover your meaningful, digital career in the working world of Fresenius.

Of course, high-tech devices, data storage and Cloud environments play an important role in our business. However, the essential part of our progress is developed in the minds of our employees. Because solving complex challenges, which we face every day, requires creativity and sometimes unorthodox approaches.

Whether you are a data specialist, a consultant in the field of cybersecurity or a consultant in the field of industry 4.0 – here you will find exciting information about projects and topics Fresenius is working on ...

Focus on: Cybersecurity

Protect ourselves from digital threats: Cybersecurity involves the systematic planning and implementation of measures. Clear instructions and rules are implemented in a targeted manner. Good management ensures that consistent security guidelines are applied in all areas of the Fresenius Group.

Focus on: IT Security

The number one objective: to create a secure and resilient IT environment for everyone. Supporting the entire Fresenius Group, Fresenius Digital Technologies has diverse and complex tasks that help protect infrastructure, sensitive data and the production of medical devices.

Focus on: Data Science

If you want to become better and better, you need one thing above all else: good data. However, it is often the case that the available information is hardly usable. It is our mission to improve the quality of our information and make it easier to analyze and thus more usable – for the well-being of our patients.

Focus on: Industrial IoT

Production facilities are sometimes a little stubborn: they do not reveal the most efficient way to use them. With Manufacturing IT, we read the relevant information to optimize quality and processes in the production of vital drugs.

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