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In the team from Fresenius Digital Technology, many things come together: Future-oriented solutions that revolutionise the health sector. Jobs with meaning. And you – at the centre of the healthcare industry. We spare no effort to fulfil your expectations of a top IT employer as well as we can.

Who are we?

The digital pace-setter of a global healthcare company

The applications of modern IT and digital solutions are almost unlimited. They can save lives and also improve quality of life for people with chronic illnesses, like at Fresenius Digital Technology. Because we are much more than “just” an IT service partner: as an integral part of the Fresenius Group, we are responsible for the IT of the healthcare company and its business areas. We provide the latest healthcare technologies and, with our reliable IT services, ensure that people with Fresenius can fulfil their mission of advancing patient care in the service of health around the clock and around the globe.

IT jobs for life

Our important mission

As the IT partner of the Fresenius Company, we have a positive influence on peoples’ lives, even when this is not immediately apparent. Our main goal is the wellbeing of the patients, and we dedicate ourselves to this goal every day. Although we don’t have direct contact with patients, everything we do contributes to their wellbeing. For example, we ensure a frictionless interface of IT and  business operations  so that all employees in production, logistics, and other areas can work efficiently and without interference. We also think of ourselves as a strategic partner of business through our development of new products and business models. Our goal: offer patients future-oriented healthcare solutions with the help of the latest technologies – as the driver of digital transformation and IT at Fresenius. We don’t just talk about innovation, we live it – and invest in new technologies to secure the lead for the Fresenius healthcare company.

We are continuously looking ahead, identifying new areas of application and opening diverse opportunities for the Fresenius Business in automation and the standardisation of processes. Whether it is the areas of SAP projects, cloud transformation, data analytics, cybersecurity or digital transformation, our playing field for ambitious IT professionals is always expanding.

A passion for technology without limits

A leading healthcare company needs leading technologies. And people like you, who enjoy thinking outside the box. Our solutions set new standards worldwide and offer exciting tasks and challenges. Fresh ideas and new impulses are explicitly desired. In recent years, we have newly positioned our entire IT organisation and are always looking beyond national borders in our working world. Our goal is to provide innovative and reliable IT solutions and services for all Fresenius business areas and locations worldwide, and to think ahead with them to develop the innovations of the future. Your solutions will even be visible in hospitals around the world.

Innovation meets a sense of purpose

Why this is the best place for you to work

There are still careers in the usual sense – starting with internships and leading up to senior management. But many IT professionals desire variety in the technologies and projects they work with in addition to job security. They would like have a meaningful job and get a glimpse into the megatrends of the future. They are looking for opportunities for personal growth, opportunities for development, the chance to gain new certifications through continuing education, and a business and team culture that creates a positive environment. Furthermore, they are looking for a manner of collaboration in which knowledge is actively shared and the results of others’ work provides motivation to aim for an even bigger impact. At Fresenius, all of these wishes can come true.

With us, you’ll find what you’ve been searching for.

  • The opportunity to bring about real change: we don’t just talk about the possibility for change; we design it because we move with the times
  • Flexible working hours
  • Teams that meet challenges together and share successes with each other
  • Impressive digitalisation plans, new concepts of work and agile methods
  • Valuable development opportunities like training, coaching, and mentoring
  • Friendly, communicative colleagues that you can also get along with after work
  • The confidence that you are able to use the latest technologies to bring about something meaningful
  • A strategically anchored investment commitment in new technologies
  • The opportunity to actively shape the global IT infrastructure of a healthcare company

Between heart beat and culture beat

How we work

Despite its size and global presence, the work culture at Fresenius differs significantly from the typical company atmosphere. A strong team spirit prevails among us. Everyone pulls together to get the job done and friendly, personal collaboration is a basic part of our daily work. New team members can immediately feel the strong connection between colleagues and are welcomed with open arms. If you would like to become a part of our inspiring environment, actively shape the digital transformation and IT at Fresenius with us, and develop new business models and products for our customers and clients, we would like to extend you a warm invitation.

Our culture and values: What sets us apart


We are a diverse team that pulls together. We work together and celebrate our successes together. “Teamwork makes the dream work.”


We set the highest standards for ourselves. We define clear goals and results before we begin. We gather feedback after every phase of development.


We speak only once after listening and careful consideration. We accept mistakes without condemning anyone. We view cultural differences as an opportunity.


Nothing is possible without trust. We don’t lose trust after the first mistake. We do what we say and say what we do.


We explain the purpose of a task. We work transparently on all levels of hierarchy. We are honest and authentic.

And now, you: Who we are looking for

We currently offer you the best possible career opportunities in the areas of:





Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences

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