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Fresenius Digital Technology

Fresenius Digital Technology unterstützt als IT-Dienstleister der Fresenius-Gruppe alle Unternehmensbereiche durch innovative und verlässliche IT-Services.

Health is everything – join us creating the foundation

Our goal at Fresenius Digital Technology is to enable future-oriented healthcare with leading edge technology. This includes shaping new digital solutions and services with state-of-the-art IT. Furthermore, we aim to create value through cost-efficiency, seamless operations, and risk mitigation. We act as an integral part of Fresenius, offering standardized platforms, services, and tools for which we ensure 24/7 delivery worldwide.

This includes providing appropriate IT solutions to run the existing business as well as enabling new solutions and services with state-of-the-art IT. Our portfolio includes best-of-breed applications, cloud-based platforms solutions, a modern global network, consolidated workplace services support and many others.

Who we are looking for

At Fresenius Digital Technology, we are often looking for individuals in the following disciplines:





Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences

In particular, we are looking for Application Operation specialists (SAP Services, Operational Excellence), Cybersecurity, IT-Security and as well as for specialists in the IT infrastructure environment (Cloud Technology, Digital Workspace and Network). 

Our mission

To achieve our goal, we are driving a major transformation to build a modern global IT organization which provides value for Fresenius in terms of innovation, seamless operations, cost-efficiency, and risk mitigation. Acting as an integral part of Fresenius, we aim to be a trusted partner for the whole Fresenius Group. To drive innovation in the dynamic IT environment, we are committed to continuous improvement and consider this a core element for the success of our integrated management system. An integral part of our activities is always compliance with customer requirements and the protection of all data processed at FDT, which ensures at all levels that.

  • Confidentiality is maintained
  • Integrity is safeguarded
  • Information is available on demand
  • Processing is clearly traceable and cannot be denied
  • Authenticity, reliability and attributability of an information is guaranteed at any time
    and can be verified
  • Statutory, contractual and regulatory obligations are met

Let’s shape the future together!

We are currently in the middle of a large IT transformation setting up IT in the way which helps Fresenius the most. What Fresenius needs is an IT which

  • is state-of-the-art, cost-effective, and continuously improved
  • is flexible and scalable enough to support any business change
  • drives innovation and digitalization

Curious? Find a job with a purpose at Fresenius Digital Technology!

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