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Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA, as the Group holding company, is the umbrella organization for the companies forming the Fresenius Group.

Umbrella organization for the companies forming the Fresenius Group

The responsibilities of the holding company are as diverse as the products and services the Group offers.

With roots reaching back more than a century, our company has grown from a single pharmacy in Frankfurt to one of Germany’s largest publicly traded companies with operations worldwide. As a holding company which is actively engaged in Group operations, it is our responsibility to safeguard and build on this success by coordinating complex business processes throughout the Fresenius Group and managing centralized services for all business segments.

IT services are handled by Fresenius Digital Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fresenius. You can learn more about Fresenius Digital Technology here.

Who we are looking for

At the Fresenius holding company, we are often looking for individuals in the following disciplines:





Health economics

Health economics

What sets us apart

One thing that makes the Fresenius Group different to other global healthcare corporations is our decentralized organizational structure. To a large extent, each of our business segments and regions operates independently.

But they all adhere to the same principles: an unfailing commitment to quality, cost leadership, flat hierarchies and entrepreneurial business practices. In line with these values, the Fresenius holding company supports the Group's business segments in achieving their goals and continuing to grow.

Did you know?

Opportunities for you

Fresenius is about more than just innovative healthcare products, therapies and services: Our people are just as distinct and diverse as our range of solutions. Thanks to our rapid growth, we can offer a wide variety of new, interesting and challenging professional opportunities in a wide range of fields.

To ensure that every one of our employees can work efficiently at all times, the Fresenius holding company supports all of our business segments in their daily work: We leverage available expertise for use in different areas of the Group, provide centralized resources, and manage complex business processes efficiently. At the same time, the Fresenius holding company plays a key role in coordinating operations between different business segments and markets, drawing not only on our experience and expertise, but also our sound instincts and an understanding of local needs.

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