Trainee programs

The ideal way to kick-start your career

The Fresenius graduate trainee program is an ideal, fast-track launch pad for your career, involving on-the-job training and time outside the business. While enjoying plenty of opportunities to work on frontline projects with other members of a team, you’ll also receive classroom instruction to underscore what you picked up on the job. We integrate graduate trainees directly into existing teams in different areas of the business. This is an ideal opportunity for you to work on challenging, live projects and hone your skills continuously through frontline activities. The experience you gain will be useful for you throughout your working life and you’ll get to know new people within the business to forge new networks for the road ahead.

Please note:
In order to participate in most of our trainee programs you need to be fluent in German. Therefore you will find detailed information about our different programs on our German site.

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