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Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the world of work has changed in many ways - including at Fresenius. Employees around the world have been actively involved in shaping far-reaching changes at our production sites, logistics and distribution centers and not least in our hospitals. Many innovations have proven to be so efficient and useful that we will retain them permanently. For example, there were various concepts and initiatives in several areas within our Group that dealt with the design of the "new way of working". These have been implemented differently depending on the area and location, with the following core topics being addressed:

Hybrid Working

Working from home or in the office or both? Various hybrid working options give our employees a lot of flexibility.

Virtual Collaboration

To enable location-independent collaboration, digital tools are used that contribute to even more teamwork and efficiency.

Business Travel

For business trips, it should always be decided on a case-by-case basis whether a presence is really necessary or whether the meeting or event can also take place virtually.

New Leadership Tasks

To enable managers to find out which working methods suit their employees in the long term and which do not, there are appropriate training programs.

The Future Office

Desk sharing has already been introduced at many Fresenius locations, which promotes creativity and the exchange of ideas and opens up new perspectives.

Digital Patient Portal

Making treatments available digitally, online appointments and video consultations with patients - at Helios, this is now part of the "new normal".

Curious now? Become part of the new Fresenius working world!

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