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Production machine at the St. Wendel site

Industrial Internet of Things

Production facilities are sometimes a little stubborn: they do not reveal the most efficient way to use them. With Manufacturing IT, we read the relevant information to optimize quality and processes in the production of vital drugs.

The process detectives


Better processes, better production through Manufacturing IT

Manufacturing IT improves processes that deal with production directly or production-related activities. In addition to the production facilities themselves, these include, for example, laboratory systems that test the quality of pharmaceuticals.

Often, the machines themselves are already automated, but they still output data in paper form, meaning that there is a media disruption when it is transferred to SAP systems. We are trying to solve this problem.

IT savvy people who like to deal with complex process issues and think analytically have come to the right place.

Our goal: The optimal network

Highly efficient processes and outstanding quality motivate us.

That is why we are driving forward the digitization strategy throughout the entire Fresenius Group. We develop and implement applications that transform traditional manufacturing chains into dynamic, networked systems. We use all versions of modern IT – from Industrial IoT, Machine Learning and AR/VR to blockchain technologies.

Those with a technical, analytical background will find exciting and complex tasks that create real added value in the company. You should enjoy communicating with and advising different target groups. Project management should also be your forte – we plan, coordinate and help our internal customers to put their projects into practice. The idea is to reconcile the interests of IT, management and the technical departments.

How we work

We use established project management and innovation frameworks as well as state-of-the-art collaboration tools. We have a lot of freedom in our strategies and implementation approaches – that gives us room for creativity.

We work on new topics using innovative methods and agile principles.

Our work provides insights into the various business processes of a modern Group and helps to improve them with suitable methods and manufacturing IT systems. With a deep and up-to-date insight into the IIoT market, we identify exciting solutions, which we usually initially implement as part of a proof of concept.

If you like conceptual thinking and developing creative solutions, this is the place for you.

Challenging tasks:

Digitizing production

Making data from older production plants readable requires ingenuity, as changing or even replacing the entire system is usually not an option. This is where IIoT comes into play: We use smart devices – similar to those used in private environments, for example in the form of smart watches. These are usually physical sensors or cameras that generate data points. We then read these and aggregate them. In this way, we generate information without having to radically interfere with the production system. We then pass this data on to our Data Science colleagues, who prepare and analyze it.

Simplifying discovery

When people have to authenticate up to 80 times within a process, a user-friendly solution is needed. We also had to take into account the special features of the pharmaceutical industry – because iris scanning, face recognition or fingerprinting are not possible or only possible to a limited extent due to the necessary protective clothing. With an intelligent watch, we created a solution for two-factor authentication that saves time and reduces errors in everyday life.

Reducing effort

When converting machines from one batch to the next or during cleaning work, up to 50 work steps must often be carried out and confirmed. When large machines are involved, this can mean that the workers need to walk a fair distance. With VR glasses, we were able to show that not only the walking distances, but also the training efforts, the susceptibility to errors and the duration of the conversion work can be reduced.

Want to help design Industrial IoT at Fresenius? 

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