Career tracks

Does a career track at Fresenius mean following the beaten path? Not likely! Your career with us is as unique as you are.

In your professional life, your personal goals and strengths play just as important a role as the many challenges, positions, and continuing development opportunities offered by our corporation. Whether you would like to advance as an expert in your field, implement exciting projects, or take on increasingly more management responsibilities – at Fresenius, you will make strides along the career track and professional path that is right for you.

We have developed three different career tracks of equivalent value and importance:


Zu Beginn Ihrer Entwicklung:

At the start of your career:

  • Taking on initial management responsibilities
  • Supervising individual employees or teams

Along your career track:

  • Long-term and extensive leadership experience
  • Management and leadership of a division and/or organizational unit

At the start of your career:

  • Taking on initial project management responsibilities
  • Managing subprojects and small projects

Along your career track:

  • Long-term experience in project / portfolio management
  • Managing large-scale and long-term projects and programs

At the start of your career:

  • Acquiring a deeper understanding of a specialized field relevant to Fresenius
  • Addressing defined and specialized issues relevant to the company

Along your career track:

  • Becoming an internally and externally recognized expert for a special field that is crucial to the company
  • Exploring functional approaches and solving highly complex, subject-specific problems
  • Developing pioneering innovations

The goal and process of your career development is neither static nor determined in advance. Whether you focus on developing your expertise, managing important company projects, or heading up an organizational unit, one thing remains the same: We are looking for “entrepreneurs within the enterprise” – employees who are eager to take on responsibility, never stop learning, and measure their own success by their contributions to the success of the company. At the same time, when you start your career with our company, your path is in no way set in stone.


Take advantage of the diversity of opportunities within our Group, including the possibilities for moving between the different Fresenius career tracks.

Irene Quaranta, Vice President Global Human Resources, Global Research & Development, Fresenius Med

We offer you a variety of development opportunities.