Application process for experienced professionals

Quick and uncomplicated – Online application

Please note, however, that we can only process applications which were entered via our online system. This allows us to process your data smoothly and respond to your application quickly: it also saves you time and money. Filling out the application only takes 10 to 15 minutes. Of course you can include your files as attachments. Do you have a profile at XING or LinkedIn? Then you can also conveniently import your files there into our application-management system.

Checklist for your online application

  • Cover letter (depending on position)
  • Résumé
  • Your last three report cards/transcripts and certificates/letters of reference
  • Diploma or your highest degree
  • picture (optional)

Please make sure your files are available in one of the following file formats: .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .pps, .rtf, .txt, .odt, .ods, .odp, .jpg, .gif, .png or .bmp (max. 7 MB per file). Each document must be uploaded as a separate file.

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The selection process

No matter whether you apply online or offline, we follow a clearly structured procedure when we go through your file, and it depends on whether you are applying for a vacancy or sending an unsolicited application.

If you have applied for a specific position, your file will be entered in our application-management system. Shortly thereafter you will receive a confirmation.
Your file will be sent directly to the appropriate HR department. This process usually takes two to four weeks.

The first interview helps us get to know each other and usually lasts around 60 minutes. In the interview, a representative from Human Resources and someone from the department in question (usually a direct supervisor) will present the position and the working environment in detail. If your qualifications are convincing and there is good chemistry between us, we will invite you to a second interview to discuss things in depth. The focus will then be more on topics outside of your field. The people taking part in this conversation will not only be the HR representative and direct supervisor but other employees as well, such as additional managers or representatives of the department. In some cases we may also invite you to a third interview.

If all of the interviews have gone well and we have successfully negotiated your contract, then there is nothing standing in your way as far as working at Fresenius is concerned.

Your unsolicited (“cold”) application is sent to a central pool of similar applicants. Please use the cover letter and the appropriate fields of the application form to indicate the positions and areas of technical expertise you are interested in. Suitable applications will be sent to the appropriate departments. If a match cannot be found right away, your file will remain in our pool of applicants.  You always have the option of actively deleting your application.

Step-by-step process and time to allow

The overall duration of the application process and the timing of each step also naturally depends on your availability. The time frame can vary, especially beginning with the first interview.

Period Event Application status
Immediately Receipt confirmation of your online application Application received
2–4 weeks Application reviewed by HR and relevant departments In process/additional documens may be requested
1 week Invitation to interview Invitation to 1st interview
1–2 weeks 1st interview Invitation to 1st interview
2–6 weeks 2nd interview Invitation to 2nd interview
1–2 weeks Decision and contract signed Placement

Application tips

In order to give you a sense of what we look for in your application documents and within the interview, we would like to give you a few useful tips to help you find your way around.

  • Win us over with your application. Why do you want to work at Fresenius, what do you expect, and why are you particularly well suited for the position you’re applying for?
  • In your résumé, indicate the experiences which qualify you for the job.
  • List examples of additional involvement (like involvement in social, cultural or political causes) as well as relevant personal interests.
  • Provide confirmation of your experiences by including transcripts, documentation from internships, additional qualifications, language courses, etc.
  • Demonstrate your professionalism by paying attention to all of the formal details of business correspondence: make sure that your portfolio is complete, free of errors and meets the appropriate standards.
  • Please use the confirmation of the appointment as an occasion to learn more about the interview and the person you will be talking to.
  • Make sure you learn about directions, travel time, parking options and the surroundings in plenty of time.
  • Your demeanor and qualifications should impress your interviewers, and so should your knowledge about the industry and related developments and trends.
  • Show us why you are the best candidate for this position and Fresenius.
  • In discussing your salary range, please keep in mind that the monthly figure is not the only thing that matters; there are many other factors to consider.

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