Pursuing a career with a purpose at Fresenius.

With success stories that will move you.

Around the world, Fresenius has over 300,000 employees who work towards the goal of offering better medicine for more people.

The dedication of our employees means that success stories are written at our health-care company every day. Our strengths are an important force that moves us forward for example, our proximity to patients and to our clients, medical and technical innovations, total orientation towards quality and great reliability.

Every story is unique in its own way. But they all have one thing in common: they involve people who recognized their opportunities and dedicated themselves to making them happen. These stories represent what Fresenius is all about: actively shaping a future worth living for.

Learn more in the films that were created to commemorate Fresenius' 100th anniversary.

How can a truck give someone a new zest for life?

See how the "Purple Truck" improves the quality of life of indigenous Australians with kidney disease; watch how radio DJ Rob can finally take his wife out fishing again with the help of a mobile dialysis machine.

How can new hope arise from ruins?

See how the heavily debt-ridden hospital in Krefeld began flourishing again after being taken over by the HELIOS group.

How did this woman give birth to 700 children?

Here, midwife Margret Mahama explains how the newly built Fresenius Vamed hospital in Janga, Ghana, allowed her to assist in the birth of some 700 babies.

Health is our most precious asset.

One of the key assignments the future brings is improving health care for critically ill patients and developing affordable products and treatments. We are looking for people who believe in and want to dedicate themselves to this pursuit because they appreciate work that has a purpose.  They do this because they know what they are capable of and are eager to keep developing. Because they are not afraid of accepting responsibility, and because they see their careers and achieving valuable goals as one and the same. We want to join forces and grow together - in the name of health.

Make sure your career makes a difference as well: write your own success story at Fresenius.