Things you (possibly) don’t yet know

We don’t test chocolate spreads and mineral water.

In some countries, there is a quality stamp on packaging referring to the “Institut Fresenius.” The name looks similar to our company name, but it’s not us! It all goes back to history: In the 18th century the Fresenius family split into two. One line of the family went into apothecaries (drugstores), the others became chemists. The drugstore part of the family resulted in what is now Fresenius the health care company. The chemist part of the family ultimately became the Institut Fresenius in Taunusstein, northwest of Frankfurt.

The Fresenius logo: stalked by a deer.

The Fresenius logo is an abstract design based on deer antlers. It’s linked to the name of a pharmacy in Frankfurt which has belonged to the Fresenius family since the 18th century: the stag pharmacy (or “Hirsch-Apotheke” in German). In 1912, the owner, a certain Dr. Eduard Fresenius, started producing his own medicines. In 1939, deer antlers were registered as the official company logo. Although the logo has changed over the years to reflect contemporary design, its deer antler origins are still evident in the Fresenius logo of today.

Fresenius is the only “double DAX-listed” company.

We are currently the only company registered twice on the German stock index, the DAX. Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA and Fresenius Medical Care are both listed on the German leading index and rank among the biggest German companies quoted on the stock exchange. Fresenius is also the biggest health care employer in Germany.

More than 100 years of Fresenius

Fresenius celebrated on October 1, 2012 its 100th birthday! On this occasion, a grand gala with more than 1,000 guests was organized, in which even German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave a speech.

A meaningful job at Fresenius.

We are a double DAX-listed company and a globally successful health care group. And we have many areas where we can make a difference. Because for the good of our patients, we're not just content with established practices, but instead we continue to strive for even better solutions. Do you also want to make a big difference? Then become part of our success story and start a meaningful career at Fresenius.

The international side of Schweinfurt

The Fresenius Medical Care corporation's largest development and production site for dialysis machines is located in Schweinfurt. Today every other dialysis machine used around the world comes from Schweinfurt. Some 45,000 devices per year are manufactured there.   

With Fresenius, medicines can be so attractive.

Fresenius Medical Care’s product Therapiesystem 5008 was awarded the 2006 red dot design award in the product design category. The 5008 therapy system is used to treat patients with chronic kidney failure. Companies from 41 countries entered the competition with over 2,000 product submissions.

You can also go to Fresenius on vacation.

VAMED Vitality World, the thermal baths and health spa division of Fresenius Vamed, combines health resorts with wellness, medical expertise and health tourism expertise to create an atmosphere of pure well-being.

Fresenius hired one of the youngest businesswomen.

Else Kröner was 26 years old when she took over the apothecary and assumed responsibility for the pharmaceutical business after the death of Dr. Eduard Fresenius.

A real shooting star

The fact that Fresenius has undergone an incredibly dynamic development in the past 25 years is clear when you look at the facts and figures. In 1960, the company known as "Dr. E. Fresenius chemisch-pharmazeutische Industrie KG" had only approximately 30 employees. By 1989, the figure had grown to some 5,300; nowadays it is over 300,000. In other words, the number of employees has increased 40 times over since 1989.

Fresenius Medical Care is one of the “World's Most Ethical Companies”.

We were bestowed this title by the Ethisphere Institute. Ethisphere is a research-based think-tank dedicated to the promotion of best practice in the field of international politics, business ethics, compliance and corporate social responsibility. Before naming prize winners, the institute researched more than 10,000 leading international companies. Announcing the award, Ethisphere confirmed that Fresenius Medical Care has developed impressive and useful ethic business practices, making the company an outstanding example in its sector of industry.

An outstanding pouch

Kabiven, our three-chamber pouch for parenteral nutrition, has received awards for its innovative packaging technology.

ELVIS is still alive! An impressive birth story in St. Wendel.

The heart and soul of the new high-bay warehouse and site logistics in St. Wendel is the inventory management system ELVIS (Eigenentwickeltes Lager Verwaltungs- und Informationssystem). It handles the flow of materials and the driverless transportation system consisting of 14 vehicles. ELVIS uses 14 driverless forklifts to move 220,000 palettes a year.