Fresenius Fairness Promise

The Fresenius Fairness Promise applies to student interns; students writing their thesis; trainee lawyers; doctoral candidates; physicians undergoing practical training; and pharmaceutical interns in their year of practical training – with an assignment at the German Fresenius sites of Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA, Fresenius Kabi and Fresenius Medical Care.

1. We do not replace full-time positions with jobs for interns.

An internship at Fresenius offers students the opportunity to acquire practical insights into their desired area of specialization. Theoretical knowledge can thus be applied in practice and specialized knowledge can be deepened and expanded – the focus is always on “learning”.

2. We offer interns adequate compensation.

As a matter of principle, Fresenius pays for internships in accordance with a remuneration system based on academic progress; this system was established in coordination with the works council at the respective site. All statutory provisions, such as the German Minimum Wage Act, will be respected and complied with. If this leads to a higher remuneration, it will be paid, of course.

3. We offer opportunities – for all levels of studies.

At Fresenius, students on all levels (Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or German university diploma) will receive the opportunity to apply and increase their already acquired specialized knowledge through an internship or while writing their thesis.

4. We do not lure interns with the prospect of subsequent permanent employment.

College graduates do not have to prove their suitability for a permanent position within the framework of an internship; for this we have a regular trial period. An internship at Fresenius is aimed primarily at students who are still undergoing their academic training, and thus serves the acquisition of practical specialized knowledge and skills as well as the application and expansion of their theoretical knowledge.

5. We offer flexible working hours.

At Fresenius, student interns may tailor their working hours flexibly during their assignment in consultation with their adviser. This is intended to support and simplify the compatibility of the internship with their university studies and their free time.

6. We are all for individuality and diversity.

As an international and cosmopolitan company group, Fresenius promotes diversity and heterogeneity in the company. The selection of students for an internship is guided by the requirements of the respective position and is always free of prejudices and discrimination.

7. We take care of the formalities.

Prior to beginning the internship, every student will receive an internship contract stating all of the relevant terms and conditions of the assignment in writing. Moreover, a qualified certificate of employment will be issued for every intern at the end of the assignment.

8. We promote fair treatment of one another and act responsibly.

Conscientious and sustainable management is part of our corporate culture and day-to-day business. Professionalism, honesty, and integrity are the determining factors of our business activities. In order to safeguard and pass on our values, student interns will receive and sign the Code of Conduct for the business segment to which they are assigned.

9. We do not leave our interns to themselves.

Student interns have a direct adviser within the department whom they can contact with respect to all technical issues. For problems of every kind, interns will also always have an adviser from the HR department at their side. In order to encourage networking among interns, events, such as joint lunch dates or after-work events, are held at some sites.

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