Fresenius Profit Sharing

A piece of Fresenius’ success

Fresenius sets ambitious goals for itself. And we know exactly what the best recipe is for success if we want to achieve those goals: we have to count on our employees. And when we are successful, we return some of what we’ve earned. It’s like what happens in the kitchen: those who helped bake obviously get a piece of the pie. And this is exactly how profit sharing works.


If we meet our success targets year on year increase of group net income and increase of group EBIT by at least 5%, employees entitled to participate receive a profit share.

The amount of the profit-sharing usually totals €2,200, half of which is paid out in shares, and half in cash.

Why does Fresenius pay out half of its profit sharing in shares? By giving our employees shares, they are getting a piece of Fresenius. And this means they are jointly invested in our future successes, well above the amount of money they receive. This takes place by means of stock-market developments and dividends.

Fresenius corporate pensions

Our employees receive a lifelong company pension. No additional payments, no employee contributions — Fresenius covers it all.

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Fresenius Healthcare

Health is the most precious thing we have. More information about the Jubi Health Check and the Executive Health Care Program for managers can be found here.

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Fresenius long-term time account

With the Fresenius long-term time account, employees gain more flexibility in shaping their course of their careers. They join forces with Fresenius to create a foundation for more leeway and personal development.

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Other programs we offer

For our employees’ well-being — and for our patients’ well-being. Learn more about other attractive offers Fresenius provides.

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The benefits presented here are exemplary for the offers of the Fresenius Group and may vary depending on the business unit, the employee group and / or location.