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Our preventive care programs: an effective long-term approach

As a health-care corporation, it goes without saying that our employees’ health is a topic which is dear to our hearts. This is why we give them the opportunity to take advantage of top-tier preventive programs at our in-house HELIOS prevention centers. These checkups go far above and beyond what standard insurance companies cover. This creates a valuable building block in ensuring our employees’ long-term health and in turn their ability to work.

It goes without saying that all of these checkups are voluntary, highly confidential and free of charge: the fees for this service are covered by Fresenius.

The program is open to both our employees in management (Fresenius Executive Health Care Program) as well as non-management employees who receive a coupon good for a Fresenius Jubi Health Check on the occasion of their work anniversary.

Fresenius corporate pensions

Our employees receive a lifelong company pension. No additional payments, no employee contributions — Fresenius covers it all.

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Fresenius profit-sharing program

Fresenius sets ambitious goals for itself. And we know exactly what the best recipe is for success if we want to achieve those goals: we have to count on our employees. And when we are successful, we return some of what we’ve earned.

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Fresenius long-term time account

With the Fresenius long-term time account, employees gain more flexibility in shaping their course of their careers. They join forces with Fresenius to create a foundation for more leeway and personal development.

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Other programs we offer

For our employees’ well-being — and for our patients’ well-being. Learn more about other attractive offers Fresenius provides.

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The benefits presented here are exemplary for the offers of the Fresenius Group and may vary depending on the business unit, the employee group and / or location.