Fresenius – an extraordinary experience from day one

Tania Lehmbach, Senior Vice President Global Financial Strategy, Fresenius Medical Care, Bad Homburg, Germany

I began my career by completing an apprenticeship as a bank clerk, followed by a degree in business. After my final exams, I had a range of job offers to select from. I chose Fresenius Medical Care because I wanted to join an international industrial enterprise while making use of my expertise in management accounting and finance.

I joined the company in 1995 as a corporate accounting consultant. Now, I’m corporate vice president and head of global financial strategies. Just four weeks after joining the company, I was already involved in preparations for the acquisition of National Medical Care, the U.S. dialysis company. This led to the founding of Fresenius Medical Care AG and its listing on the New York stock exchange. Throughout this extremely fast-paced period, I was able to work with plenty of latitude and take on a lot of responsibility, whatever I was working on. I gained a tremendous amount of experience.

In my job, there’s almost no such thing as a routine task or a familiar situation. It’s all about striking out into new territory and conquering it.

A year and a half later, I ascended to the position of corporate finance manager. In this role, I was in charge of coordinating the activities of our international subsidiaries in a variety of financial matters, such as founding new subsidiaries, acquisitions and mergers, and reorganization and capital-boosting measures. This involved coordinating activities between subsidiary representatives in different countries and various departments of our corporate head office.

In 2001, I became the head of management accounting and finance for Latin America. At this time, the region was experiencing an economic crisis, with strong currency devaluations, restrictions on currency trading, high rates of inflation and rising refinancing costs. We managed to survive this turbulent period very well, and I’m glad I accepted the challenge.

In my current function as Senior Vice President Global Financial Strategy, I lead strategic initiatives to ensure our corporate value increases over the long term. My responsibilities span the entire spectrum.