Opening up new opportunities

Sabine Zöllner, Director Sales Processes & Applications, Fresenius Netcare, Bad Homburg, Germany

I’m currently head of the sales processes and applications department at the Fresenius Netcare SAP Customer Competence Center. My team of 16 people focuses on systems and process consulting.

Before I attained my current position, I worked in a variety of roles at Fresenius: first as a specialist buyer for hardware and software, then as an application developer and later a consultant. My first position allowed me to gain expertise in procurement processes. This served me very well when I became an application developer, as my activities revolved around SAP configuration and design work for the procurement application. My superior supported my switch to the application development department at every stage. He enabled me to attend the specialist training sessions I needed to, and believed in my potential.

Now, I allow my own staff the same professional development opportunities that were afforded to me. For instance, if someone on my team is tasked with developing an SAP solution for dispatchers, then they should have the chance to attend training for dispatchers. This will improve their understanding of the field, ensuring they can provide reliable, well-founded consultation.

As a departmental head, I spend most of my time in the office. But many of my staff take the opportunity to telecommute.

Bachelor’s degree students at Fresenius often spend time in our department, and many of them write their thesis here. It’s a pleasure to work with students who are talented, committed and responsible. I consider it very important to meet up regularly with the students in my department and discuss their plans for after graduation. If we feel they’re a good match with the company, the time they spent with us can act as a great springboard to a full-time position in the Group.