Special leave for professional development

Dr. Maike Brokat, Assistant Doctor, HELIOS Emil von Behring clinic, Berlin, Germany

My next professional goal is to become a consultant for internal medicine, specializing in lung diseases. I’ve been interested in pneumology since my year practical training, when I worked in the highly regarded Heckeshorn am Wannsee lung clinic for six weeks, shortly before taking the third stage of my state examinations.

Fresenius Helios took over the clinic in 2004 and integrated it into the Emil von Behring clinic complex in Berlin-Zehlendorf. As I wanted to build on the good experiences from my practical training, I applied for a position there and was successful. I was very fortunate with my new colleagues; they invested a lot of time in my induction. And even when it’s really busy here, we manage to maintain a good atmosphere.

I love getting up in the morning and going to work. Not everyone can say that!

The Berlin medical association’s professional development guidelines specify that doctors training to become consultants should rotate between different departments. So at the moment I’m working in intensive care. This isn’t my first change of position since I joined Fresenius Helios: We organized a professional exchange program with the German Red Cross hospital in Berlin-Westend, so assistant doctors with identical roles can switch facilities for six months. Then we return to our old team with a wealth of new experiences to draw on. The senior consultants support this initiative by giving us special leave during this period – because it’s something everyone benefits from.