My Fresenius

Your personalized area

Your personalized My Fresenius area offers you numerous useful functions.

Manage your application

  • You can save your online application and update it later.
  • You can enter your data once but use it to apply to multiple positions.
  • You can see all of your Fresenius applications in the overview.
  • Your application status can be called up at any time (including using your smartphone).
  • You will be notified if the status of your applications has changed (when you visit our page and are logged in).


Bookmark jobs

Have you found one or more job descriptions which might be a good match, but you don’t have time to apply right away? No problem. Simply bookmark the appropriate jobs, and you can find them under your My Fresenius area again for as long as they are listed.


Bookmark pages

Compile the content that matters to you! On the upper right of every page of our career portal, you have the option of bookmarking the page. This allows you to find all of the pages you bookmarked in the My Fresenius section, so you will not have to go looking for them again at each visit.


Receive suggestions

Based on the jobs and content you have bookmarked, you will receive recommendations about other jobs or content that could appeal to you. This will highlight other interesting job listings or pages which might be relevant.


Manage your job subscriptions

If you were not able to find any suitable positions among our job listings, you can set up one or more job subscriptions. They will automatically inform you if a job is listed which matches your search criteria. You have the option of managing these job subscriptions in the My Fresenius area.


Manage events (only for high school students)

If you have applied for a vocational training or a cooperative university program and your portfolio appealed to us, we usually suggest several potential dates for you to come take our aptitude test. In your personalized My Fresenius area, you can accept or turn down these dates.


Register easily

Do you have a profile at XING? Then you can use your login there to register at My Fresenius. It couldn’t be simpler!

It goes without saying that your personal data are treated with the greatest confidentiality. You can read more about that here.