Tilman Stäblein

Career level: Experienced Professionals
Discipline: Engineering
Function: Senior Manager Procedures
Department: Global Research & Development (GRD)
Division: Fresenius Medical Care
Location: Schweinfurt

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About me:

My technical responsibilities are in the field of developing software and processes. This includes:

  • Developing and verifying new and existing process sequences on Fresenius dialysis machines
  • Developing and verifying the software necessary for controlling and monitoring these process sequences
  • Conducting risk assessments and analyses
  • Project management
  • Optimizing the software-development process in compliance with regulatory guidelines

I also have disciplinary responsibility as a team leader.

My typical day at work usually begins by answering important emails and preparing upcoming appointments and meetings. The majority of our work takes part in development projects, which is why some of these meetings occur in interdisciplinary teams (called cross-functional teams) or happen within the respective departments. The spectrum here ranges from intra-divisional project management tasks where work has to be coordinated among all of the departments in question all the way to discussions about technical details, ideas and solutions in the field of software and process development.
But there are still plenty of opportunities for me to introduce and implement personal input. This means I can plan and do practical experiments for various projects involving our dialysis equipment or our in-house chemical laboratory, which allows me to pursue my development activity.
Due to the size of the GRD site, communication usually occurs in German. But English is the common language in video conferences and phone calls to other sites.
In addition to my work as a developer, I’m also responsible for a development team of some ten people. The focus of this work is mostly on staff management.

After my studies at Julius Maximilians University in Würzburg in nanostructure technology, I first started working mostly on basic research in the field of nanocomposite materials. Even as a student, I was extremely interested in medical technology, which is why I took additional classes in biocompatible active ingredients.  
In 2008, I joined Fresenius Medical Care in Schweinfurt so I could apply my knowledge in GRD as a process developer with a scientific background.
In the years that followed, I was offered the opportunity to expand my knowledge in the field of dialysis and software development. Over time, my scope of responsibility grew larger to include tasks with a larger spectrum, such as project management.
During a six-month stay in Australia and New Zealand in 2013, I gained experience as a service technician in a clinical setting. Seeing how our dialysis equipment helps people improve their quality of life was one of the most powerful impressions I had of my time there, and to this day it motivates me in my everyday work.
I’ve been in my current position since late 2015 / early 2016.

From my perspective as a technician, the greatest joy comes to me from the incredible range of tasks in the dialysis environment. And this is reflected in my everyday work as well. It has been my experience that people can still keep learning new things after years and years, and Fresenius offers me the opportunity to keep developing.
The top priority, however, is patients’ wellbeing. Anyone with friends or relatives who have chronic diseases know how precious it is to experience even the most minor improvement to their quality of life.

When I’m not at work, I like to get exercise by playing at my handball club. Making music has also been a constant companion for many years, and it helps me relax and find balance. When I have vacation, I like traveling and seeing the beautiful things the world has to offer.

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