Dr. Sebastian Wieskotten

Career level: Experienced Professionals
Discipline: Engineering
Function: Director Project Management Office Europe
Department: Global Research & Development (GRD)
Division: Fresenius Medical Care
Location: Bad Homburg v. d. H.

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About me:

My main assignment is creating a framework within the project management office so that our projects can be successfully implemented within the proper budget, timeline and desired specifications. The issues here include implementing best practices, introducing project management tools, and training project team members and managers. Ultimately I also keep an eye on our budgets and set priorities in projects in the context of our entire portfolio of projects.

My workday is heavily determined by project-related tasks: I work with GRD project managers on their developments while also processing organizational tasks from the Project Management Office. This lets me work in both the operative sector as well as strategic business. My partners in the organizational projects are spread throughout nearly every corporate function and almost every continent, which often makes English my business language. I regularly go to different sites around the world so that we can work together on site as well: this helps me stay in direct contact to our colleagues there in addition to typical communications via email, phone calls and video conferences.

After studying electrical engineering with a focus on biomedical technology at the University of Ilmenau, I went to Darmstadt in 2004 to start writing my dissertation. It was about developing a system which supports nurses and physicians in diagnosing and treating malnutrition. In 2008, I switched to Fresenius Medical Care where I started as a development engineer. After a year, I took on project management for a device to determine fluid retention in dialysis patients. From 2011 onward, I became responsible for different development projects in the field of peritoneal dialysis cyclers. I’ve been working at my current job in the project management office since early 2015.

Based on experience in my own family, I know how challenging life is for a dialysis patient and understand the limits they face. So I am motivated for my work to improve and make life easier for our patients. At the same time, it’s a really good feeling when you visit dialysis centers and hospitals and see our products and solutions being routinely used, and you realize that not only nurses and doctors have positive feedback about the products we helped work on, but the patients do too. Beyond that, the very interdisciplinary nature of our work with engineers, scientists, physicians, nurses, business specialists and patients is extremely interesting and full of variety, so things never become routine or boring.

In my free time, my favorite thing to do is be outdoors with my family, and I use that time to pursue my passion: photography. To let off steam every now and then, I like to go paddling on the Rhine with my touring kayak.

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