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A peritoneal dialysis double-bag system with lactate-buffered peritoneal dialysis fluid with PIN- and DISC technology for an easy and safe handling by the patient.



Lactate-buffered peritoneal dialysis solution with stay·safe technology in a double-bag system. After mixing the contents of the two compartments, the ready-to-use solution has a physiological pH and a considerably reduced amount of glucose degradation products aiming at preserving of the peritoneal membrane function as well as the residual renal function.

BCM - Body Composition Monitor

Based on bio-impedance spectroscopy, this device can be used to assess the body composition and quantify the level of overhydration in dialysis patients.


Dry bicarbonate concentrate for online production of liquid bicarbonate concentrate used in bicarbonate hemodialysis with our hemodialysis machines of the 4008 and 5008 series.


Physiological peritoneal dialysis solution with stay·safe technology in a double-bag system. After mixing the contents of the two compartments, the ready-to-use solution has a physiological pH and a considerably reduced amount of glucose degradation products aiming at the preservation of the peritoneal membrane function and the residual function as well as better acidosis correction.


PVC-free, biocompatible material for producing foils, tubing and other components for peritoneal and acute dialysis.

Blood Pressure Monitor (BPM)

Module for hemodialysis machines for fully automated blood pressure monitoring.

Blood Temperature Monitor (BTM)

Module for hemodialysis machines to measure blood temperature. It can be used to control the body temperature of a dialysis patient, for example.

Blood Volume Monitor (BVM)

Module for hemodialysis machines to measure relative blood volume and control fluid removal from the patient to avoid complications during dialysis treatment.


Cardioprotective Hemodialysis

An integrated hemodialysis therapy developed by Fresenius Medical Care that deals with cardiovascular disease in dialysis patients.

Ci-Ca System

Multifiltrate with integrated regional citrate anticoagulation for a renal replacement therapy without the need for systemic anticoagulants, thereby reducing the risk of bleeding.

Continuum - Dialysis Without Boundaries

Comprehensive program of Fresenius Medical Care to emphasize home dialysis – including home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis – for patients and healthcare professionals.



LDL apheresis system for the treatment of patients with familial hypercholesterolaemia


Optimized fluid filter to obtain ultrapure dialysis solution during hemodialysis


Fiber-rich standard tube feed for patients with impaired glucose tolerance


Concentrate that can be added to infusion solutions in all parenteral nutrition regimens for patients who have, or are expected, to develop a glutamine deficiency.

DISC Technology

Unique technology where a DISC integrated in the bag system guides the patient through the essential steps during Continous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD), virtually eliminating operating errors.



European Clinical Database. Clinical database for ensuring the quality of dialysis treatment. The database records the treatment data of dialysis patients and allows an efficient comparison of treatment quality among individual dialysis clinics.


Fresenius Polysulfone® dialyzer

Dialyzer with capillaries made from Fresenius Polysulfone® membrane

FX-class dialyzer

A new generation of dialyzers with increased performance and outstanding biocompatibility. The improved performance of FX dialyzers was realized with an innovative dialyzer concept, comprising improvements of individual components, including the Helixone® membrane.



Innovative hemodialysis therapy system based on a single-pass batch system. The dialysate is prepared in one batch before treatment and adjusted to the requirements of the individual patient.


Amino acid solution used for parenteral nutrition


Dry acid and bicarbonate concentrates for the offline production of liquid concentrates for bicarbonate hemodialysis.



An advanced high-flux dialyzer membrane used for FX-class dialyzers based on the Fresenius Polysulfone® membrane. The size and distribution of pores in Helixone® have been optimized to enable the removal of larger uremic toxins such as ß2-microglobulin.


ICare Monitoring System

Web-based system for monitoring nocturnal dialysis treatment from a central location and comparing actual with predefined data as the patient sleeps. The system reacts to any deviations from the defined data by contacting the patient immediately, using the emergency information provided.


Adsorber system to treat various immunological diseases

In-line filter blood bag system

Blood bag system with integrated filter for leukocyte filtration

In-Line Steam Sterilisation

Specific steam sterilisation method employed by Fresenius Medical Care in the production of polysulfone dialyzers. One particular advantage is the automatic rinsing out of all sterilisation by-products and bacterial debris during actual dialyzer production.

Infusion workstation Orchestra®

Interactive infusion management system for the intensive care unit. Syringe pumps, volumetric pumps and a data management module can be combined. The composition of the workstation can be adjusted to the daily therapy needs by freely selecting the number and position of the modules.


Enteral supplement containing a high dose of glutamine for the treatment of critically ill patients


Used with the Fresenius Freedom Cycler PD+ to monitor every minute of automated peritoneal dialysis therapy. The data stored by the IQcard can be used to optimize the patient’s therapy as well as for research purposes.


Liberty Cycler

Innovative device with PIN technology for automated peritoneal dialysis marketed exclusively in the U.S. The Liberty Cycler automatically regulates the exchange of used and fresh dialysis fluid. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art pumping mechanism, is easy to set-up and also has an integrated patient data management software.



A bicarbonate-buffered solution for hemofiltration.


Multifunctional acute dialysis machine used for therapy in intensive care.


On-line Clearance Monitor (OCM)

Optional quality assurance component for hemodialysis machines to measure online the effective in-vivo dialyzer clearance

ONLINEplus System

A system for our 4008 and 5008 series hemodialysis machines to perform online hemodiafiltration and online hemofiltration. The infusion fluid is prepared conveniently and cost-efficiently by filtering dialysate.

Optiflux dialyzer

A Fresenius Polysulfone dialyzer generation for the US market, featuring improved clearance rates and outstanding biocompatibility



PatientOnLine is a PC software tool recognized as medical device to administer patient data, to evaluate treatment results and to optimize prescription in order to ensure best treatment outcomes for peritoneal dialysis patients.


Calcium acetate phosphate binder for oral application in patients with chronic kidney failure to reduce blood phosphate levels.

PIN Technology

Unique automatic inline-closing system that eliminates the risk of contamination during disconnection from peritoneal dialysis (PD) systems.


Capillary membrane filter used to separate plasma from other blood components.


Noval extracorporeal blood purification system used for patients with liver disease to support the liver in its detoxification function.


Sorb Technology

Purifies tap water to dialysate quality and allows dialysate to be regenerated; a water- and space-saving technology very suitable for home-hemodialysis and thus an important step towards a wearable kidney.



Innovative and integrated treatment concept in Fresenius Medical Care’s North American dialysis clinics combining, for example, the On-line Clearance Monitor, ultrapure dialysis fluid and the use of disposable highflux Polysulfone dialyzers.


Filters for acute dialysis treatment.



Blood volumen replacement solution