We offer positions to highly qualified nursing staff across the entire spectrum of nursing care — everything from nurses and caregivers in our hospitals to patient liaisons and therapeutic counselors in our institutions outside of the hospital setting.

Clinical work

General responsibilities

Our nursing staff ensure high standards of patient care at our acute-care and rehab centers as well as the medical-care centers across the country. Our competence encompasses the entire spectrum of preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative care.

Every need can be met, from post-surgical nursing to treating emotional disorders all the way to care in an ICU setting. Our staff applies a science-based approach to nursing to help support and promote medical treatment that will restore physical and emotional well-being in all of its patients — everyone from infants to senior citizens.

Positions include

  • Trained nurse
  • Head nurse

General requirements

Training as a nurse

Sales / Field Sales

General responsibilities

Outside of the hospital setting, patient liaisons and therapeutic counselors play a key role in ensuring professional and competent patient care. They train the staff of home care services, nursing homes, and dialysis clinics in the use of our medical products, or offer counselling or advice regarding treatment plans.

Nursing professionals also work as field sales staff and support the Sales team through the sales and promotion of medical products and services at all levels of the customer hierarchy.

Positions include

  • Patient Liaison
  • Therapeutic Counselor
  • Regional Management Support Coordinator

General requirements

Degree in health or nursing sciences or nursing qualifications.

At HELIOS, no one has to stay where they started out. If you are willing to perform, your supervisors will support you as you make progress.

Sigrid van Gelder, OR coordinator and OR nurse, HELIOS Klinikum ÜBERSETZUNG FEHLT

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