Medicine / Nursing

Functions and responsibilities

So you’d like to pursue a career where you also do something meaningful with your daily work? Then come join forces with over 290,000 colleagues as they improve the quality of life of people around the world. Work in a future-oriented market which offers you security and a wide range of professional-development opportunities. Make a difference with your career, and help us make the future livable.

Our health-care corporation features a broad range of professional profiles and attractive career perspectives ranging from nursing care and medical service all the way to medical marketing and regulatory affairs.

Medical Service

We offer a wide range of career options for doctors – everyone from residents to senior physicians ‑ at the Helios Group’s hospitals, the Fresenius Medical Care dialysis centers, and the Fresenius Vamed rehab and acute-care hospitals.

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Clinical Governance

Patient-oriented, safe, effective, efficient, fair and prompt: these are the health-care quality attributes that the daily work of the Clinical Governance department focuses on.

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Clinical Trials / Statistics

At the crossroads of science and medicine, you can find exciting career prospects in the field of clinical and biomedical research or trial management: studies on product launches, CE certification or postmarketing issues.

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Medical Affairs

The Medical Affairs department handles the transfer of medical knowledge, and not only when it comes to developing medical products. It identifies and assesses risks, conducts analyses and evaluations, and generates medical expert opinions.

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Marketing / Product Management

Playing an active part in shaping how our company develops is the task of our colleagues in the field of business development, medical marketing and medical project management. The departments work hand in hand from product development to marketing throughout the entire process of managing the product life cycle.

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We offer positions to highly qualified nursing staff across the entire spectrum of nursing care — everything from nurses and caregivers in our hospitals to patient liaisons and therapeutic counselors in our institutions outside of the hospital setting.


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Regulatory Affairs / Drug Safety

The Regulatory Affairs and Drug Safety departments are responsible for upholding and implementing ethical, legal and global standards. Their spectrum of responsibilities covers everything from submitting dossiers for new drugs to constant monitoring of our medical products all the way to communicating with the appropriate authorities.

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Current jobs in the field of Medicine / Nursing