Production / Assembly / Manufacturing

Production and Packaging Engineering are all about producing pharmaceutical and medical products in the most cost-effective and highest-quality manner.

Production Engineering

General responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of Production Engineering are the development and optimization of our process-related systems and procedures, as well as planning and project development related to production facilities and putting production equipment into operation. With the aim of continuously improving product quality and boosting the productivity of our production processes, other key tasks include the validation and accompanying documentation of the entire production cycle. This department also optimizes our manufacturing processes, from the production of prototypes to high-volume production.

Production engineers monitor and ensure compliance with laws and regulatory requirements and conduct training and professional development courses for our employees working in Production.

Positions include

  • Process Engineer, Membrane Operations
  • Project Engineer, Mechanical Engineering
  • Project Engineer, Filter Operation Processes

General requirements

Degree in mechanical engineering or plastics engineering and knowledge of plastic component engineering, filling simulation, plastic injection molding instruments, and validation

I am responsible for optimizing manufacturing – or to be more precise, I apply process knowledge and digital technologies to make sure our production sites are ready for the challenges of the future.”

Josef Stefan, Senior Vice President Process Design & Digitalization, Fresenius Kabi – find out more on our career-blog

Packaging Engineering

General responsibilities

Packaging Engineering is responsible for designing packaging for the pharmaceutical and medical products of the Fresenius Group. Based on competitive analysis, the team develops design proposals, creates specifications, and coordinates packaging trials. After these designs are implemented, they are evaluated and documented. Packaging Engineering works closely with the production plants and suppliers to not only create new packaging, but also to optimize existing secondary packaging.

Positions include

  • Project Engineer for Packaging

General requirements

Engineering degree with a major in plastics engineering or similar

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