Product Management

General responsibilities

Product Management oversees many activities related to medical products – from generating ideas through development and industrialization all the way to market launch and the start of the product lifecycle. The primary focus of its work is product analysis, conceptualization, and optimization. The goal here is to successfully translate the diverse requirements of our customers, patients, and the medical staff into product specifications. To this end, Product Management collaborates closely with a variety of departments such as Sales, Development, and Marketing. This ensures that our products are developed or refined with efficiency – and that ideas are shared and knowledge is transferred systematically across disciplines.

Product managers conduct market analyses and product lifecycle planning before the product is brought to market. They are responsible for the overarching development of the entire product portfolio. In this context, the continuous improvement of processes, testing procedures, and methods are important with the aim of boosting efficiency.

Positions include

  • Product Interface Manager
  • Manager Product Quality and Risk Management

General requirements

Degree with an engineering or technology major such as medical technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, precision engineering, or similar

Current jobs in the area of Product Management