Two channelled success

Martina Lutterschmied, Company Officer of VAMED-KMB, Manager of Therme Wien

I am an authorized company officer of VAMED Krankenhausmanagement und Betriebsführungsgesellschaft (VAMED-KMB) and together with my team of about 20 people manage the finance and accounting of the company.

VAMED-KMB is responsible for technical operations and extra infrastructural services in the Municipal Hospital of Vienna. Since 2007 I have also been the manager of Therme Wien – an impressive health and wellness centre set up by VAMED and operated by VAMED Vitality World. 

As manager of the new Vienna spa, I engage in the areas of accounting and personnel. My working hours are split up between this field of assignment and my engagement with VAMED-KMB. It is precisely the two-lane nature of my job that is so fascinating.

Following my studies in business administration and the theory and methodology of economics studies, I spent five years in an office of chartered public accountants and tax accountants and qualified as tax accountant. This is how I became acquainted with VAMED-KMB and when I was asked whether I would like to switch to the company, I enthusiastically took up the opportunity. I have been working here now for 15 years and among other things have monitored the switch to SAP and supported the launch of the quality management system EFQM.

This was a formative experience, leading a large-scale project such as the switch to SAP through all the difficulties to an outstandingly successful completion.

One considerable challenge, for example, was measuring up to the specific requirements of the municipal administration of Vienna as responsible body for the Municipal Hospital.

From the very outset I have benefited from all the opportunities offered by the company in furthering its staff, such as a continuous programme for further professional qualification that is tailored to suit each single individual. Furthermore, in its “Club Lebenszeit” VAMED-KMB delivers a variety of papers and offers possibilities of consultation on, among other things, issues of health.

Our company is aligned to the people who make for our daily work in the healthcare sector and it is this characteristic that is genuinely felt by the employees themselves.

In 2009 we were awarded the Austrian State Prize for our successful quality management and in 2010 were prize winners in the EFQM Excellence Award as best company in Europe. Obviously awards such as these make us proud and happy and motivate us for future challenges.