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The first step. To the start of your professional life.

New impressions. New tasks. New faces. There's a lot to take in when you first embark on your professional training. Our projects will give you the opportunity to find your bearings at Fresenius. To enjoy your first practical experiences. And to get to know other apprentices.

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Our projects at a glance:

Creating a calendar within eight days for distribution throughout the company: This was no easy task that a group of apprentices and students from 2014 were given - and accomplished with panache. Under the slogan "Fit with Fresenius", the calendar will be our companion throughout 2015, providing information on health and various sports opportunities at and with Fresenius.

The graduating class of 2012 was assigned the task of preparing a brochure on workplace ergonomics. This gives apprentices, students in cooperative university programs and employees important tips on setting up their workplace correctly, how to set their office chairs or about dynamic seating. The brochure also contains exercises on relaxation at the workplace and advice on back-friendly ways to lift and carry loads from classic back therapy training. Three groups of apprentices worked at different times on this very time-intensive and comprehensive subject.

A creative challenge for the apprentices and students of 2013: the shooting of a film about the 3rd Training Night of September 13, 2013. From writing the screenplay to the last shot, our apprentices and students on cooperative university programs took on and completed all of the tasks themselves. 50 GB of material, 14 hours' shooting time and the collaboration of 4 teams then gave rise to the final work: the film on the 3rd Training Night.

Why did I choose Fresenius? What do I expect from Fresenius? These were questions that the group of business specialists from the graduating class of 2014 asked themselves  -- and they documented their discussions on film. To make sure participants had the skills to make this project a reality, they began by taking part in a video workshop. The three short conversations turned into a jointly created film which you can see on the blog.

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