App is the abbreviation for application. Apps can be used on mobile devices (smartphones or tablets); they can be loaded onto the device from an app store.

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Assessment Center

Within the application process each applicant - depending on the desired position - may be invited to an Assessment Center. Fresenius wants to get to know applicants better and test their ability for team work.


Whether being awarded as a top employer, for having the best careers website or for its outstanding benefits program for employees, our company has already won numerous accolades in various categories.

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A kind of online diary, that allows to post articles frequently. The Fresenius Career Blog is primarily used by interns to write about their activities at Fresenius. It offers readers a glimpse behind the scenes. From time to time the Fresenius human resources marketing team also blogs about current topics and projects and provides readers with a fascinating opportunity to take a look at the bigger picture.

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A career network for talented students and alumni, online as well as at the Berlin loft. Fresenius is also a partner here since December 2012.

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Company pension plan

In addition to their salary, our employees receive a pension plan, which is fully funded by the employer; the pension plan model is very attractive and has a long tradition.

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Dual study courses

The combination of theory and practice in this system provides an ideal insight into working life and also equips students with necessary knowledge. Fresenius also offers a variety of dual study courses.

Information about our qualified professions


Fresenius Career Starters

"Fresenius Career Starters" is a nine-month program for Fresenius career entrants. Besides the targeted training modules, you will also meet, among other people, the divisional manager of Fresenius and receive personal feedback from the group and trainer. The participants also receive tips from experts on how young career entrants can successfully master the daily challenges of their first career years.

Fresenius Navigator

The Fresenius Navigator is an interactive tool that provides an initial assessment of how compatible your ideas and views are with Fresenius.

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Job Highlights

The Job Highlights provide information about especially interesting positions. You can access these highlights from the homepage or the orange-colored tab at the left screen margin.


Long-term account

Employees can pay shares of their assets, like e.g. salary shares, into a long-term account. The savings can be used later for further or advanced training or for an early retirement.

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Lunch for interns

On the first Thursday of every month our students can get together for lunch at the location Bad Homburg and discuss the tasks and challenges of their professional daily life.

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Meet the Board

Meet the Board is an annual event for students at which the participants have the opportunity to get to know Fresenius first-hand and learn everything there is to know about entry-level career opportunities. As the name suggests, our management boards also get together and exchange ideas with professionals and career entrants from various professional fields.

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Mentorship program

This program is provided by Fresenius Helios to offer young physicians the support of mentors and give them the chance to profit from the experiences of their mentors.

Mobile Website

The Fresenius Career Website also offers an optimized version for mobile devices. You can use the website on your smartphone to search the job market and apply for jobs.

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My Fresenius

Your personalized My Fresenius area offers you numerous useful functions:

  • manage your application
  • bookmark jobs
  • bookmark pages
  • receive suggestions for jobs and articles
  • manage your job subscribtion
  • register easily

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Our podcast provides frequently career-related video clips which are also available for subscription: Whether application tips, career planning or entry-level positions - you will get tips and first-hand information by real Fresenius employees of different career levels and backgrounds.

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Qualification Matcher

Use the Qualification Matcher to find information about job openings that match your training and professional experience.

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Regulars’ table for interns

Fresenius would like to take this opportunity to invite interns to a restaurant or bowling in the Rhine Main area to get to know one another better and share experiences.

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RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (or for Rich Site Summary or RDF Site Summary). With our RSS feeds you can automatically receive information about the latest job openings from various company departments.

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Talent Management

Employees can use the Talent Management to advance and promote both their professional and personal development.

Trainee programs

Programs that combine practical phases with in-depth learning units and therefore provide an optimal career start.

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Typical Day

What is it like to join Fresenius as a trainee? We asked a trainee at Fresenius Netcare to summarize his first six months in one day.

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Vocational training

We provide well-founded, practice-oriented training with good career prospects and diverse development opportunities for over 35 qualified professions at eight locations in Germany - plus over 70 HELIOS locations - and the Fresenius Vamed headquarters in Vienna.

Information about our qualified professions


Winning-oriented profit sharing

Fresenius is growing dynamically and includes its employees in achieving company goals. The extent of profit sharing is measured according to Fresenius’ annual operative yield.

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