A 3-D printer, made in house

Christopher Henneken, an apprentice mechatronics technician

It’s not as if you can completely design your own vocational training however you want. But during the program, we certainly had the chance to do a lot ourselves, try out different things and see what came of them. Like our apprenticeship project, for example. We assembled, calibrated and wired most of the components ourselves.

Last but not least, we installed the software, and the result was a 3-D printer we built ourselves -- and it really works.

And why did we do all of this? Because modern medicine is full of technology. Developing and doing maintenance work on this sort of equipment will be my responsibility later on as a mechatronic technician. By choosing this apprenticeship, I have not only chosen a job with a future that opens several doors for me. My work at Fresenius also contributes to progress in the medical world.

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