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Carolin Zimmermann, apprentice business specialist in shipping and logistics services

What happens when a palette is loaded with 60 boxes instead of the usual 52? Will the height still fit? What about the weight? Answering these questions was my assignment as an apprentice business specialist in shipping and logistics services.

I had to coordinate things with many departments such as production, sales and the warehouse. It turned out that not only would the goods make their way through the entire transportation process undamaged, the total costs would be over 20% lower. That really raised people’s eyebrows.


A range made me for the wow factor.

The experience taught me how exciting and multifaceted even minor-seeming tasks can be. After completing my training at Fresenius, it will be my job to make sure all of the logistics processes run smoothly and as well as they can -- to see to it that the right goods reach the right site at the right time.

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