A successful start

Anna-Maria Koch, apprentice business specialist

So I finished school successfully and had my diploma in hand -- but now what? As one of the people who just started the vocational program for becoming a business specialist, we knew from first-hand experience how important the decision about your apprenticeship is. We also knew how helpful it is to have lots of information.

This is why we thought it was really great that during the first weeks of the program, we were allowed to design the apprentice newsletter for the year ahead at Fresenius. It tells you about the health-care company’s training and degree programs, and it is distributed at schools and vocational fairs.


„The creation of the apprentice newspaper was the perfect start with Fresenius for me!“

To report as authentically as possible about the wide selection of professional opportunities, we interviewed other apprentices about their experiences. In doing so, not only did we have a chance to work independently and develop our own ideas: we also got an interesting look at multi-faceted fields like IT, logistics and the entire range of business-related jobs. Can you imagine a better way of getting started?

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