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The „New Normal“ at Fresenius

One thing is for sure: Since the outbreak of the pandemic, our working world is different. How has Corona been changing the application process and working at Fresenius? Here you can learn more about it.

Applying despite a pandemic? Of course!

No doubt about it, Corona has changed the world. We also had to break new ground in recruiting. From one day to the next, job interviews were held only via video call. Many colleagues who started with us since the outbreak of the pandemic had never seen the inside of a Fresenius building before. And onboarding, too, often had to be shifted completely to virtual space.

As we still want to protect the health of our applicants and our employees, on-site interviews are still not taking place at many locations. But don't worry - we have put together the most important questions and answers about the application process at Fresenius for you.

How is Corona changing the way we work at Fresenius?

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, our working world has been different - and not just in the offices. Employees around the world have been actively involved in shaping far-reaching changes at our production sites, in the logistics and distribution centers, and not least in the hospitals. Many innovations have proved so efficient and useful that we intend to maintain them even after the pandemic. As a result, various concepts and initiatives are currently being developed in several areas within our Group to shape the "new normal". Depending on the area and location, implementation may vary, but the core issues are as follows:

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Hybrid Working

Working from home or in the office or both? There are already various offers for hybrid working that give our employees a lot of flexibility.

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Virtual Collaboration

To enable virtual collaboration on a permanent basis, digital tools are used that contribute to even more teamwork and efficiency.

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Business Travel

For business trips, it should always be decided on a case-by-case basis whether a presence is really necessary or whether the meeting or event can also take place virtually.

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New Leadership Tasks

To enable managers to find out which working methods suit their employees in the long term and which do not, there are appropriate training programs.

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The Future Office

Fewer employees in the office allow for new space concepts. Therefore, at many sites, we are already designing new (office) workplaces at Fresenius.

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Digital Patient Portal

Making medical treatments available digitally, online appointments and video consultations with patients - at Helios, this is already possible today and thus part of the "new normal".

Sarah Babendererde
„In general, we want to spend less time traveling, particularly when it concerns subject matter that works very well on a digital level. However, we continue to place great value on personal contact. As with everything else having to do with the ‘new normal,’ it will be a question of finding the right balance.”
Sarah Babendererde,Senior Project Manager Strategic HR Initiatives in the Global Research & Development department at Fresenius Medical Care

Curious now? Become part of the new Fresenius working world!

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The Corona virus continues to accompany us. In the meantime, there are vaccines that are encouraging. Nevertheless, caution is still advised. Our medical experts explain how you can stay safe in everyday life and at Helios in the hospital despite the pandemic, and tell hero stories as well.

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